We have developed two of the largest solar parks in Texas to harvest electric energy in the cleanest way, using the most advanced technology. Detailed design assure successful projects.


Our origin dates to 2016 when Dr. Miguel Alejandro Oneto, a radiologist and entrepreneur from McAllen, Texas developed special interest and deep knowledge in renewable energy. He selected a site in Childress County, next to Tesla's substation, 230 miles west of Dallas, to develop solar projects.

Misae Solar Parks LLC assisted by Mr. Serafin Seoane, a renewable energy expert, developed Misae Solar Park Fase I and Fase II. 


What does Misae Mean?

The origin of Misae is the Native American language, and has the meaning “born beneath the white-hot sun”. It is pronounced as Miy-Saa-EH.

Dr. Miguel Alejandro Oneto

Dr. Miguel

Alejandro Oneto

Serafn Seoane

Serafin Seoane

Dr. Miguel Alejandro Oneto


Physician radiologist from McAllen, Texas that developed special interest and deep knowledge in renewable energy. Proof of his success are the two Misae solar projects that total 1 GW/dc developed within 3 years since his commitment to renewable energy.


Dr. Oneto has demonstrated history of leadership in the hospital & health care industry and entrepreneurship. Strong business development professional with a Doctor of Medicine - MD focused in teleradiology and vascular/interventional radiology.

News: "Dr. Solar goes from zero to 1 GW in two projects."

Mr. Serafin Seoane

A renewable energy expert with more than 20 years of expertise improving the renewable energy sector. 


Mr. Seoane has developed over 2 GW in wind farm projects and over 1.5 GW in solar energy projects, with experience in Europe, Middle East, South America and now in the USA. He has expertise in the development, financing, equipment supply and maintenance of Green Field projects.



misae solar park I.jpg

Misae Solar Park

misae solar park  II.jpg

Misae Solar Park II



MAILING ADDRESS - 3824 Cedar Springs Rd #801-2245, Dallas TX 75219

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