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  • Comanche Solar 100 MWac



Welcome to Misae Solar Parks!

At Misae Solar Parks, we are passionate about making a positive impact on the environment through the promotion and adoption of renewable energy sources. Founded on the principles of sustainability and innovation, we have been at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution for 7 years.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future by providing cutting-edge solutions on renewable energy. We believe that by harnessing the power of the sun,  we can create a brighter and greener tomorrow for generations to come.

Thank you for visiting Misae Solar Parks. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What We Do

At Misae Solar Parks, we specialize in the development of utility scale solar parks and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). Our expertise lies in every aspect of these projects, from conception to completion, and beyond. Here's a glimpse of what we do:

1.    Solar Park and BESS Development: We take pride in creating state-of-the-art solar parks and BESS facilities. Our dedicated team works diligently to plan, design, and engineer these projects to perfection, ensuring they meet the highest standards of efficiency and sustainability.

2.    Ready To Build Projects: Once a project reaches the "Ready To Build" status, we offer opportunities for investors to join us in our mission to promote clean energy. We provide detailed project packages that include all the necessary studies and plans to make informed investment decisions.

3.    Comprehensive Support: We understand that investing in renewable energy projects can be a complex process. That's why we offer comprehensive support to our investors every step of the way. From Due Diligence assessments to project commissioning (COD - Commercial Operation Date), we stand by our partners, offering guidance and expertise to ensure the success of each project.

Where We Work

Misae Solar Parks is proud to be a leading expert in the development of solar parks and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) within the state of Texas. Our specialization is not just geographical; it's a commitment to excellence within the region served by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

Community Benefits

At Misae Solar Parks LLC, we believe in the transformative power of renewable energy not only for a sustainable future but also for the communities where we operate. Our commitment to making a positive impact is exemplified by the development in Childress County, Texas of two massive solar parks, one with a capacity of 320 MWdc, in operation, and another with 700 MWdc, under construction. 

Where We Work

These solar parks have brought about a radical change in the landscape and prospects of Childress County. Childress County has now evolved into a bustling energy generation hub, attracting numerous energy producers and major consumers, including data centers

Job Creation

One of the most significant benefits has been the creation of a substantial number of jobs. These solar parks have generated opportunities for highly skilled technicians and maintenance workers, providing a boost to the local economy. We take pride in our role as a catalyst for job creation in the region

Economic Prosperity

Childress County's wealth has experienced exponential growth due to the presence of Misae Solar Parks,  that brought approximately $1 billion dollars in investment. In addition, the influx of new businesses, increased property values, and a surge in local tax revenues have contributed to the economic prosperity of the county.

Sustainable Growth

Moreover, the clean energy generated by these solar parks contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions, enhancing the overall environmental quality in the area. We are dedicated to fostering sustainable growth and making a lasting positive impact on Childress County's future.
Misae Solar Parks LLC is honored to have played a pivotal role in the transformation of Childress County, Texas, into a thriving energy hub. Our commitment to the community goes beyond energy generation; it's about empowering local residents and businesses to thrive in a cleaner, more prosperous future.

Our Name - Misae Solar Parks LLC

Have you ever wondered what "Misae" means and why it's at the heart of our company's identity?

The Meaning Behind Misae

The name "Misae" carries a deep and meaningful origin. It originates from the Native American language and embodies the powerful concept of being "born beneath the white-hot sun." Pronounced as Miy-Saa-EH, "Misae" represents the very essence of our commitment to harnessing the sun's energy to create a sustainable future.

Embracing Solar Energy

The choice of "Misae" as our company name reflects our dedication to renewable energy and our belief in the potential of the sun as a source of clean and abundant power. It reminds us of our responsibility to the environment and the communities we serve, as we work to bring the benefits of solar energy to the world.

Track Record of the Developer

At Misae Solar Parks LLC, we take pride in our track record of successfully developing some of the largest solar parks in the United States. Our commitment to harvesting clean electric energy using advanced technology and meticulous design has paved the way for our impressive portfolio.

Our Beginnings

Our journey began in 2016 when Dr. Miguel Alejandro Oneto, a radiologist and entrepreneur from McAllen, Texas, developed a profound interest and deep knowledge in renewable energy. Driven by his vision, he selected a strategic site in Childress County, adjacent to Tesla's substation, situated 230 miles west of Dallas, to embark on his renewable energy mission.


The Visionaries Behind Our Success

Dr. Miguel Alejandro Oneto, Physician Radiologist: Dr. Oneto's remarkable journey from a radiologist to a renewable energy pioneer is a testament to his vision and dedication. Within just three years of committing to renewable energy, he achieved a great milestone by overseeing the development of two groundbreaking projects that total 1 GW/dc. His leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and deep medical and business acumen have been instrumental in our success.

Mr. Serafin Seoane, Renewable Energy Expert: Mr. Seoane, with over 20 years of expertise in the renewable energy sector, has played a pivotal role in our journey. His extensive experience includes the development of over 2 GW in wind farm projects and more than 1.5 GW in solar energy projects across Europe, the Middle East, South America, and the USA. His expertise spans development, financing, equipment supply, and the maintenance of Green Field projects.


Proven Excellence in Renewable Energy

Our impressive track record is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the renewable energy sector. We continue to drive forward, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in clean energy generation.


How We Work: A Different Developer

At Misae Solar Parks LLC, we pride ourselves on being a different kind of developer in the renewable energy industry. Our unique approach sets us apart, and it begins with our unwavering commitment to success.

Investing in Success

Our journey begins with a substantial investment that distinguishes us from the rest. We acquire not only the land but also executive mineral rights or surface waivers, easements, and cross-agreements required for our projects. This substantial investment in site control demonstrates our dedication to ensuring the success of each endeavor.

Investing in Success

Our journey begins with a substantial investment that distinguishes us from the rest. We acquire not only the land but also executive mineral rights or surface waivers, easements, and cross-agreements required for our projects. This substantial investment in site control demonstrates our dedication to ensuring the success of each endeavor.


Meticulous Planning and Engineering

Once we secure control of the site, we embark on meticulous planning and engineering. Every project undergoes a detailed engineering phase to optimize design and performance. We navigate the intricate process of obtaining interconnection agreements with the electrical grid and all necessary permits, ensuring a smooth and compliant path for our projects.


Self-Financing: A Commitment to Success

What truly sets us apart is our commitment to self-financing. We rely solely on our own resources and funds to drive the entire development process. We do not seek external financing, which means that we are fully invested in the success of every project from start to finish. This commitment ensures that our focus remains solely on delivering outstanding results.


Our Pledge: Achieving COD

With significant investment, careful planning, and self-financing, Misae is fully committed to achieving the Commercial Operation Date (COD) for each project. Our dedication to success is not just a promise; it's a pledge that drives our every action and decision.

In an industry where success demands innovation, dedication, and financial commitment, Misae Solar Parks LLC stands out as a developer that is truly different. Join us in our journey to make a significant impact on the renewable energy landscape, one successful project at a time




Dr. Miguel Alejandro Oneto

Dr. Miguel

Alejandro Oneto

Serafn Seoane

Serafin Seoane

Dr. Miguel Alejandro Oneto


Physician radiologist from McAllen, Texas that developed special interest and deep knowledge in renewable energy. Proof of his success are the two Misae solar projects that total 1 GW/dc developed within 3 years since his commitment to renewable energy.


Dr. Oneto has demonstrated history of leadership in the hospital & health care industry and entrepreneurship. Strong business development professional with a Doctor of Medicine - MD focused in teleradiology and vascular/interventional radiology.

News: "Dr. Solar goes from zero to 1 GW in two projects."

Mr. Serafin Seoane

A renewable energy expert with more than 20 years of expertise improving the renewable energy sector. 


Mr. Seoane has developed over 2 GW in wind farm projects and over 1.5 GW in solar energy projects, with experience in Europe, Middle East, South America and now in the USA. He has expertise in the development, financing, equipment supply and maintenance of Green Field projects.


Marcela Cura, CPA, CFA

+1 956 622-4470

MAILING ADDRESS - 3824 Cedar Springs Rd #801-2245, Dallas TX 75219

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