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Why Texas?

Texas, renowned as the largest deregulated energy market in the United States, stands out as an exceptional location for renewable energy projects. Here's why we've chosen to focus our efforts in the Lone Star State:

1.     Abundant Sunlight: Texas enjoys an abundance of sunshine throughout the year, making it an ideal location for solar energy production.

2.     ERCOT Coverage: We concentrate our expertise within the ERCOT area, which encompasses most of Texas. This strategic choice allows us to optimize project performance and grid integration within this dynamic market.


​3.        Energy Independence: Texas' unique energy market encourages self-reliance, making it an attractive destination for clean energy projects.

4.  Innovation Hub: Texas fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, providing an ideal environment for cutting-edge renewable energy solutions.

Our Commitment to Texas

​As a company deeply rooted in Texas, we are committed to advancing the state's energy transformation. We work closely with local communities, authorities, and stakeholders to ensure our projects benefit not only our investors but also the people and environment of Texas.

Texas, being the largest free-market energy economy in the United States, presents us with an unparalleled opportunity to drive renewable energy adoption. By focusing our efforts in this region, we contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for Texas and lead the way in the nation's clean energy revolution.

Explore our ongoing and upcoming projects in the ERCOT region and discover how you can be a part of Texas' clean energy leadership.

Unlike wind, solar generation is better aligned with the demand load profile, resulting in lower basis and congestion risk. Based on an independent analysis performed by nFront, the basis risk and congestion associated with this project are minima.

Interconnection to the Grid

Leon Solar Park will tap into the aerial 138 kV line owned by ONCOR that runs next to HWY-7. ONCOR will build a 138 kV substation next to Leon Solar Park substation, and the transmission line to the tap. Therefore, there will be no transmission line losses to the POI.

The POI will be in ERCOT North Hub, mid-distance between Houston and Dallas.

ERCOT application number: INR26INR0023

FIS will be completed in September 2023

INTERCONNECTION AGREEMENT will be executed in November 2023

Production Report

A preliminary report on electricity production has been carried out, determining that in the first year it will generate 524,220 MWh, with a Performance Ratio of 82.7% and a specific production of 1,825 kWh/kWp. The estimated total production for 40 years will be 19,915,400 MWh.

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